I’m broke.. I went through the human lesson that money will not buy you into the kingdom of heaven, just like the bearded bob said.. Unfortunately, that left me with zero federal reserve notes to pay for DEVO tickets, who, thank bob, were playing seven miles from my home. Further more, thank bob, that my grandma will give me a ride (much to her dismay).

Recently, as you may have (unfortunately) witnessed, I went through a period of MAJOR Devolution..  (what the medical field calls a stimulant/psychedelic induced psychosis..I call it ‘over illumination’)

Anyway, I was presented with the opportunity to have my genetic mutation studied.. which includes blood samples (a lot of blood), invasive brain scans, extensive IQ tests, verbal tests, and overall mindfuckerys (if you will). (the worst part was when they asked me, “What does “devout” mean?”)

These blood suckers, promised me $75 dollars for my participation. LIES.. ALL lies.. five weeks until I see a check. Horse droppings that I feel like I stepped in, and made horse shit patties on my grill..Ninnies and twits!!!

Here is the kicker… If you knew what my name meant.. I was forced to sell my beloved silver…That is my prized possession. Which was more painful than being subjected to awful carcinogenic gamma rays and and being crucified in an MRI for forty minutes.

Anyway, here is a picture of the testing session in action…

And the question I ask of all of you… What is the craziest thing you have done to see a band that you love?

By Grey