Greetings DEVO! My name is Seth and I’m a relatively young spud, being only 20 years old now but a massive fan since I was 14. I know that DEVO often didn’t have opening bands if they could help it, opting instead to showcase your de-evolutionary films. However, I’ve heard that sometimes there were opening bands for certain shows, including Wall of Voodoo and Oingo Boingo (two of my other favorite bands). So my question is, when there were these opening acts, did you have any say/pick in who would open, or was it chosen by a tour manager/other party? Thanks so much! And thank you for playing Burger Boogaloo; by the time I got really into DEVO, the Hardcore tour was just wrapping up and I was worried I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see you live, so that was a dream come true. Duty now!