First want to say Thank you for all the thought-provoking, fun entertainment your band has provided to the masses for over 4 generations. U guys would’ve made great teachers if Music didn’t pan out 4 u. You cleverly disguised your way of teaching people about themselves, Showing them what they do, getting them to question why they do it, and to see how silly it all is, & we enjoyed every second of that lesson. It’s like u were holding up a mirror to the American people & said “look at yourself, u think WE look silly? Well, U R US, AND WE ARE DEVO.
I freakin love u guys so much, u guys are fucking genius. Now 2 my question. WHY do Americans see themselves as immune to propaganda or that their opinions are their own stemming from being an informed citizen; when none of that is true? They are not even informed enough to UNDERSTAND THIS COUNTRY NEVER HAD A DEMOCRACY. Our so-called “representatives” in government don’t represent us, they represent &work for the best interest of corporate oligarchs.
Yet every 2 and 4 years the American people keep pushing 4 them to keep ruling over us. As if THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT. DEMOCRAT/ REPUBLICAN it’s all the fucking same! THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE AMOUNT OF LUBE THEY USE BEFORE FUCKING US UP THE ASS. WHY DEVO? WHY?