“O NO It’s Devo! That’s right. We just refuse to disappear into the polluted sunset. In fact we are in a sense re-birthing ourselves by taking baby steps toward finally realizing our goal of diversifying and letting the Devo brain trust run free. Devo is, and always was, more than a music band. It’s a meta-world view, an explosion of style and substance and an adjective and a verb as well as a name brand. With Sandbag merchandise as collaborators we are endeavoring to find new ways to prove to the world “We’re All Devo”. The launch of the new ClubDevo store and the items offered are a taste of things to come as we approach the 40th anniversary of our New Traditionalists album release and prepare to play live for the first time in 2 years! We are here to go so we hope you come with us!” – Gerald V. Casale