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TOTAL DEVO Deluxe LPs and CDs now available at ClubDevo.com!

The 30th Anniversary 2xLP (or 2xCD) release with unheard tracks, remixes, huge poster, liner notes, photo postcards and the choice of 2 limited vinyl colors! Ships from USA. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES SO ORDER NOW!


DEVO 1981 Interview St. Paul MN

We kicked off the New Traditionalists tour in the Fall of 1981 there in St. Paul, MN. We were experimenting with press conferences as if we were a political activist group in order to re-frame our music and visuals beyond a trivializing Rock n’ Roll press mentality. It was gratifying to hear from the fans who would show up. They understood that life under President Reagan was stultifying. Reagan and his anti-diversity and inclusion policies were empowering the barrage of attacks on basic First Amendment freedoms from the Evangelical, religious right. Reagan was evoking the fantasy of 1950’s, Mom and Apple Pie, white bread America that defied the real forces of international discord and looming environmental disaster facing all people. Once again de-evolution seemed to win out over rational thought and forward looking ideas. We did what we could to humorously fight back. We posited New Traditions to replace the stale, punishing traditions holding people down. – Jerry Casale/DEVO

Go to THIS LINK to see full video.

Official DEVOtional 2018 Report

The Official report from the annual DEVOtee gathering, DEVOtional 2018, is now online at Devo-Obsesso.com. Over 100 photos, a bunch of videos, and devolved stories from last month’s beautifully mutated weekend in Ohio. Includes live bands, special guests, lotsa spuds, and the 2nd annual 5K DEVO Run/Walk. Thanks to everyone who makes this event possible, and to everyone who attends or supports it in any way.


(Photo of DEVOmatix live by Dan Mogzai)

Thanx To DEVOtional Attendees & Organizers!

Thanks to all the DEVOtees who attended the DEVOtional 2018 events in Ohio last weekend, and to all who worked so hard to make it happen. It was the most highly attended DEVOtional to date, and the 2nd annual 5K DEVO Run/Walk was a huge success again. The official DEVOtional event report is coming soon to Devo-Obsesso.com.

Here’s a photo of some of the limited edition TURKEY MONKEY PIGGY BANKS that the 1st 100 ticket buyers received at the event.

TOTAL DEVO Deluxe Pre-Order!

DEVO ’Total Devo’ Deluxe limited edition sets! The 30th Anniversary 2xLP release contains unheard tracks, remixes, huge poster, liner notes, photo postcards and the choice of three limited vinyl colours. 2xCD also available.

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Burger Boogaloo Show Report!

A full report from DEVO’s recent concert at the Burger Boogaloo festival in Oakland, CA is now online at ClubDevo.com! See tons of photos & video from DEVO’s first concert in years. Start with the photo of the Burger Boogaloo billboard, then click chronologically through the content. Thanks to all the photographers, videographers, and spuds in general who contributed. DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE!

DEVO Book Now Shipping!

The DEVO book is now shipping to those who pre-ordered! Here’s the band checking out their personal copies during a recent dress rehearsal for last weekend’s Burger Boogaloo show in Oakland, CA.

L to R: Bob Mothersbaugh, Josh Hager, Jerry Casale (kneeling), Fred Armisen, Mark Mothersbaugh.


Freedom of Choice: 2 Different Editions!

The DEVO 2-in-1: DEVO: The Brand / DEVO: Unmasked in one bound book!


The Signature Edition: A signed, 2-book boxed set of DEVO: The Brand + DEVO: Unmasked. Includes large art print collaboration by Jerry Casale & Mark Mothersbaugh!

Full Info: http://www.devobook.net


Mucho thanks to all the humans who attended the DEVO concert at Burger Boogaloo this weekend in Oakland, CA! Here’s a shot from the stage during their set, and of the audience after the encore. Photos by Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso.

More pics and videos coming soon via full show report at ClubDevo.com (in a week or so).
We’ll post more tidbits on FB over the next few days.


Talking Devolution with Burger Boogaloo Headliner Devo

“We’re just the house band going down with the Titanic, playing your favorite tunes as we all go down.”

The history of Devo, the misunderstood iconoclast multimedia pioneers of punk, is far complicated than scores composed for Rugrats. Reached by phone earlier this week, Devo co-founder Jerry Casale cut into the grit about Donald Trump without hesitation (or espresso). “He’s a blustering, idiotic developer-businessman-entrepreneur who hoodwinked everybody, has been bankrupt four times, gotten himself into a mountain of debt,” Casale said, sounding groggy but perking up as the caffeine hits. “It’s proof of Devolution of our entire culture.”

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