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Oct. 14th, 1978: DEVO on SNL

On this day, Oct. 14th, in 1978, Devo gained national exposure with an appearance on Saturday Night Live. A pivotal moment in DEVO history!

Featured Tour Photo: Seattle by Mike Savoia – No4

Q: Does Mark Mothersbaugh have shorts packed full of towels & snacks..or is he just glad to see you? A: Towels & Snacks! – Ready to distribute to the audience as DEVO performs “Freedom Of Choice” in Seattle, WA – March 2011. Photo by Mike Savoia.

Featured Tour Photo: Seattle by Mike Savoia – No1

Spuds: Get ready for the next round of DEVO shows coming in July & August!

We recently acquired a batch of new eye candy from this year’s tour, so over the next few days we’ll be showcasing photos from DEVO’s March 2011 show in Seattle, WA – all of which were snapped by Mike Savoia, who was kind enough to donate his shots to the DEVO archives.

This first photo features DEVO during their “Peek-A-Boo” performance.