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Featured Tour Photo: Seattle by Mike Savoia – No4

Q: Does Mark Mothersbaugh have shorts packed full of towels & snacks..or is he just glad to see you? A: Towels & Snacks! – Ready to distribute to the audience as DEVO performs “Freedom Of Choice” in Seattle, WA – March 2011. Photo by Mike Savoia.

Featured Tour Photo: Seattle by Mike Savoia – No1

Spuds: Get ready for the next round of DEVO shows coming in July & August!

We recently acquired a batch of new eye candy from this year’s tour, so over the next few days we’ll be showcasing photos from DEVO’s March 2011 show in Seattle, WA – all of which were snapped by Mike Savoia, who was kind enough to donate his shots to the DEVO archives.

This first photo features DEVO during their “Peek-A-Boo” performance.

Gerald V. Casale Interview at Buzzine

Here’s a new interview with Gerald V. Casale of DEVO at Buzzinemusic.com, in which he tells the truth about DEVO’s latest album, working with record labels, video budgets, DEVO shoes, one of his favorite rock star moments for DEVO’s past, and much more.

DEVO Tour Reports – June 2011

DEVO’s next batch of live shows begins on June 16th in Columbus, OH and continues to Pittsburgh, PA…then on to Ontario, Canada. More shows follow in July & August.

Keep checking ClubDevo.com VIDEOS and PHOTOS pages for eye candy from the tour, and feel free to post your own photos & videos, too.

Hope to see a lot of you spuds at the shows. DUTY NOW!

DEVO Shoes Sold Out!

Spuds: Many of you acted fast on buying the limited edition DEVO shoes by Macbeth, and now we’re already totally sold out! Shoes will start shipping next week. March on, comrades.

DEVO Shoes Available NOW!

Finally! A DEVO shoe that reflects the devolutionary times we live in. Literally reflective, these silver, super-synthetic slip-ons get you through airport security and straight to the V.I.P. lounges around the world in comfort and style. Emblazoned with the DEVO Energy Dome logo, this is the battle-tested shoe style DEVO wears in concert! 100% vegan materials with rubber out-sole. Only 250 made worldwide!

AVAILABLE NOW on ClubDevo.com!


MacBeth Footwear and DEVO have joined forces to make these DEVO shoes available to spuds worldwide.

Soon you’ll be able to March On wearing the same reflective shoes DEVO wears on stage.

Two to choose from:
A focus-group approved Blue Version & Classic Red Version.

Featured Tour Photo – Seattle

Final Crowd shot from the stage after DEVO’s encore in Seattle –March 15, 2011. Photo by Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso.