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Future releases


Modern Life

Why wasn’t this amazing song on Oh no! or Shout??

store not working

why does the merch check out take me to an error page and not let me buy anything? is this on purpose bc art? or is it just broken?

Question about recording formats

What do you, as DEVO, see as the best recorded format to listen to your music on (CD, cassette, vinyl, Mp3, etc.) to achive the proper intended DEVO sound?

Yopa advert uk

Using whipit song for the advert hope your getting paid lads we are all Devo !!

Why Haven’t You Homo Sapien’s Made Offical Devo Glasses Yet?

Hi, I’m a fifteen year old spud who lives in Queens,NY. And I was wondering why you guys don’t have an official eyebrow version of Devo glasses yet. Like the one’s off the cover of “Oh No! It’s Devo.” And if you did have them in the past you should really look into re-producing them. I would love to have a pair! I don’t think people’s skulls vary that much in size, it shouldn’t be THAT much of a hassle to size them correctly for a adult/child. And if not glasses, make eyebrow pads so people can stick them on their own set of glasses! Or whatever else they can think of! I crafted myself a pair for Halloween because I’m planning on dressing up as Mark, but they don’t look so hot. So I just thought I’d mention it to you all. Plus, (I’m not sure what the actual name is for them) but the white, “dome” neck pieces you guys use to flaunt would be a cool addition to the merch store as well. Thanks for taking time out to read through this! I love you all! – W


I’m wondering if you guys would ever go on tour again? I never got to see any older tours haha. I was too young to see you guys but judging from what I see on youtube your concerts seem lit.

Next New Zealand show?

When are you coming to Auckland, New Zealand again?
Your last show was epic, however I think it would be better in a bigger location than a winery. There are so many DEVO fans in NZ that would love to see you have your own show. Please don’t wait too long to visit our shores again.


Any plans on playing europe again before retirement? Might be fun if you*re planning it right…

What are some of your artistic influences?

I believe I once heard one of you mutants say that you were inspired by the Bauhaus Movement. Were there any other movements, such as Dadaism, that inspired your wonderful and unique style?


A: We Are Devo

Booji Boy+ album art for Q:Are We Not Men A:We Are Devo
Designed and tattooed by shonacrawford@skeletonvelvet

DEVO on Mike Douglas?

I could swear my first memory of DEVO was an appearance on the Mike Douglas show when I was a kid. In my memory everyone was wearing their yellow jumpsuits and playing outside. I can’t find anything to support this, but learning about the band at that time was such an incredible experience for many reasons. Is this a real memory?

Money is NO OBJECT

I invite you to the opening of my E.Texas recording studio All the studio time you want and need at no cost to you. I can arrange all exspenes PAID and arranged for all DEVO and entourage. I can offer Digital AND Analog plus more.I’m a huge DEVO FAN and must have you here for my opening. What’s it going to take?
I want the genius talented DEVO I need contact info OMG PLEASE THANK YOU D band DEVO

Einstein, socialism, Greta Thunberg

Hi, Carol E’s friend here. Einstein said “The splitting of the atom has changed everything, save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift inexorably towards unparalleled disaster.”
Search Einstein’s 8 page “Why Socialism”.
Search Greta Thunberg, Jill Stein, and Green Party: www.gp.org
What do you think? Keep hope?