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Plastik Pomps

Will you ever rerelease the jfk wigs!??

Luv Luv. New eve Dallas 89-90

After gig in Dallas new years eve 89-90. Mark just received a video cassette with Church of Subgenius from some friend.
They new about my band Ubangi and treated me like a king. I met my Jesus.

How are you all holding up?

I’m not sure this is a question. Except this. How the heck are you all? How you all feeling? Especially you, Gerald Casale. 💙
I know what you went through at Kent State University. You were right there when the shootings happened I know.
And that’s how the idea of Devo started.
I know you’re not just a rock band. I know that devo is a message. I message about where our world has been going for a long time. I only question is how are you all holding up? You’ve been doing a great job in your art, music and message!
I get Devo.
I’m your friend!
Carol E.

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Greetings Devo,

Dost thou have an address for fan mail? A personal colleague of mine wanted to send you a gift

Sincerely Yours,
A. Nonymous

Social change

We keep devolving into more war and insanity.
What are we going to do about it?
A couple possibilities:
Maybe you could do a benefit concert for the Green Party.
We need a political mutation!
A Non-corporate party!
(We had “blue waves” before. Where did that get us?)
Check out Jill Stein on You Tube or wherever…”the only adult in the room”-Boston Globe, when she ran vs. Mitt Romney.
Green Tsunami!- hopefully before 12 years are up!
Also: we need to process our feelings better,and improve our behaviors:
My friend has a FREE program that works on problems from 4 different angles:
Check it out and pass it on!
And thanks for all your great music!

Order status

Hi im trying to get a status on an order if therebis a tracking number or a way to find out when it will be sent

Tour United States

When are you going to go on tour and make a stop in Minneapolis MN?

New Material?

How likely will the world get to hear another LP of new material from Devó? Is there anything going on in that direction?

Blu ray anthology

Still vibing from DEVOtional 2018…Now that the book has received acclaim, The time is ripe for a Blu-ray anthology of remastered Devo Music Videos and short-films!

I am sure we could fill out a pledgemusic campaign…have there been talks about that?

De-Evolution 7″

Hey guys, I bought this 7″ years ago (see pics) and just wanted to know the story on it. The cover is a trifold and it’s on Booji Boy records. It’s a prized possession of mine that I cherish greatly. I guess my question is, was this an early self release before you guys made it to the big time? And if so how many of these guys were made?

Duty Now for the Future production

Dear Devo,

Duty Now For the Future album was unlike anything I have ever heard before and to this day it stands as my most favourite record by any band ever. Thus I was surprised to read in some interviews that you actually did not like the result of Ken Scott’s production. This left me wandering: What would it take to see the re-release of DNFTF in a new mix that corresponds with your vision? What is actually the role and input of a producer on your albums and what was the difference in approaches of Mr. Eno, Scott and Margouleff?

Many thanks and shouts from Czechia,

Tom Roller

Hidden Messages?

Are there any undiscovered secret messages in DEVO songs (played backwards or subliminal)?

Will the Are We Not Men era jam session with Bowie, Eno, and those Krautrock folks ever see the light of day?

DEVO and The Damned

Gerry, I loved your candid “warts and all” interviews on Dean Delray’s podcast, and am happy to see the band is playing again (and wish I could have made it out to Burger Boogaloo!). Were you able to reconnect with The Damned? I recall you once told a story years ago where you had the line “…Captain Sensible (who was anything but)…”, but I can’t recall the details of the story. Any old/new stories of DEVO with The Damned you would care to share?