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What are some of your artistic influences?

I believe I once heard one of you mutants say that you were inspired by the Bauhaus Movement. Were there any other movements, such as Dadaism, that inspired your wonderful and unique style?


A: We Are Devo

Booji Boy+ album art for Q:Are We Not Men A:We Are Devo
Designed and tattooed by shonacrawford@skeletonvelvet

DEVO on Mike Douglas?

I could swear my first memory of DEVO was an appearance on the Mike Douglas show when I was a kid. In my memory everyone was wearing their yellow jumpsuits and playing outside. I can’t find anything to support this, but learning about the band at that time was such an incredible experience for many reasons. Is this a real memory?

Money is NO OBJECT

I invite you to the opening of my E.Texas recording studio All the studio time you want and need at no cost to you. I can arrange all exspenes PAID and arranged for all DEVO and entourage. I can offer Digital AND Analog plus more.I’m a huge DEVO FAN and must have you here for my opening. What’s it going to take?
I want the genius talented DEVO I need contact info OMG PLEASE THANK YOU D band DEVO

Einstein, socialism, Greta Thunberg

Hi, Carol E’s friend here. Einstein said “The splitting of the atom has changed everything, save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift inexorably towards unparalleled disaster.”
Search Einstein’s 8 page “Why Socialism”.
Search Greta Thunberg, Jill Stein, and Green Party: www.gp.org
What do you think? Keep hope?

What can we do personally and politically?

Are you guys optimistic or pessimistic about the state of the world?
Do you have ideas on what to do politically and personally? We have our ideas; we think it’s time to build the Green Party. And socialism as well.
Would you be willing to work with people with ideas outside the norm? Such as a third party politically?
And I have, myself, studied some ideas around duality and jungian psychology. Although I am not a professional psychologist, I’m very interested in human behavior and I hope we can find hope to evolve, still. Do you think we are destined to continue to deevolve? You say deevolution is real. We agree that that’s true. However… we see a need to stay open minded to the possibility of growing and winning.
You can see what I am doing in my blog on steemit. That is an alternative social media and I wish you would check that out if you want to talk about yourselves on social media. Although I applaud you going on conventional social media, steemit is an alternative where you won’t have to worry about getting censored and neither will I.

My blog

Amazing sound and surviving

Hello, guys! we are from brazil and we are great fans of Devo. I just would like to any of you say hello to my three sons: Lucas (9 years), Cassiano (9 years) e Felipe(7 years) and explain: will Booji boy keep his devolution misson again? Thanks!

new album

Hello Devo do you plan to do a new album in the near future?

Artificial intelligence: 100% programmable

Being fond of Devo since I discovered them in 1979,The political claptrap spewing from Jerry Casale, who parrots the narrative formulated from the most extreme elements of authoritarianism is disheartening. I suggest he deprogram his artificial intelligence, and upload intelligence predating advanced reverse evolution and nihilism. The truth is out there, Jerry. Individualism matters more than social,racial, and sexual divide-and-conquer methods of 21st century Bolshevism.

Plastik Pomps

Will you ever rerelease the jfk wigs!??

Luv Luv. New eve Dallas 89-90

After gig in Dallas new years eve 89-90. Mark just received a video cassette with Church of Subgenius from some friend.
They new about my band Ubangi and treated me like a king. I met my Jesus.

How are you all holding up?

I’m not sure this is a question. Except this. How the heck are you all? How you all feeling? Especially you, Gerald Casale. 💙
I know what you went through at Kent State University. You were right there when the shootings happened I know.
And that’s how the idea of Devo started.
I know you’re not just a rock band. I know that devo is a message. I message about where our world has been going for a long time. I only question is how are you all holding up? You’ve been doing a great job in your art, music and message!
I get Devo.
I’m your friend!
Carol E.

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