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How can I buy the plastic hair pomp from you guys?

I have 3 questions for Gerry. Even as u turn 70 this year I still think you are the sexiest man alive, and any girl who doesnt agree is an idiot. I can only assume u got the most action in the band. Have u ever done any porn?If u did,where can i get a copy?
also,whats your opinion on overthrowing the capitalist system? are u yay or nay? please say yay ,Id hate to have to start looking at u as the enemy.

How do I know what shirt size I need? XD

Surprise SF show???

Hi there! My hubby and I can’t make it it to B.B. the weekend of 6/30 in Oakland. We are super bummed we have to work! Any chance Devo will be doing a “surprise” show anytime during the week before or after? If not…perhaps, consider it??? Wink wink!! :-)!!!
Fingers crossed,
Cassie and Dan
PS. Please consider it!!!!


When will you guys play in Peoria Illinois

Please play Live !!!!

Oakland is killing me.I want to go so bad… I just cant afford going because I live in St. Louis. Too far for me and other spuds…Tell us Devo…. any closer shows coming up???? We are Devo!!!


Im really peeved that R U Experienced had to be left out of the recent video dvd’s. Is there any plan to re-release the videos…inc. Something for Everybody videos… on blu ray…with another concerted effort to get RUE? Shout is an amazing album…never seen u guys perform its songs live sadly…Gaz

Any plans on coming to europe to play?

Is there any chance that we european spuds will ever get the chance to see you live on this side of the ocean?

For me and a few of my friends DEVO is everything, keep up the good work!

Shows in Louisiana

Hi. I always loved Devo. I had every album in the order of their releases. I saw you guys in New Orleans in ’88. I’m just curious as to how many other shows were performed in Louisiana. I remember hearing shows announced as a kid but could never go. I was about 20 when I finally saw Devo in ’88 and really felt bad by the low turnout. I loved the show and wish I could’ve seen more shows since that one.

Burger Bugaloo Show in Oakland

Will you play a variety from your first 5 albums on June 30th? Have you guys ever played Baby gave me a suprise live? It doesnt seem to exist on youtube.
could you play it in Oakland please?
My wife and I love you guys, R.I.P. BobII.

I have been a fan of Devo since I got are we not men? in 79 at 9 years old. I have never been fortunate enough to see you guys Live till this coming june in Oakland. I will FINALLY see it sans BobII sadly. Is there any chance youll play “Do what I must do”? Ive seen hundreds of hours of live devo on you tube but never that song. Please also play wiggly world and pink pussycat. I may never have this chance again. I thank you for your music, your the best band to ever exist.

New Traditionalists Tee

The world is truly DEVO when a New Traditionalists Tee (code #NTT 409) goes for over $200 on eBay. When I was only a Spudboy, I could get one for $9.90 circa 1981 – what gives?

Any chance the factory can belch some black smoke and make a new run of these? I need one badly to help spread the word! How else can I convince my kids we’re all Devo??