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Posted by  (Monday, 25 April 2016 11:07)

Jerry Casale of DEVO wanted to share this with you:

Gordon Gecco says, "Blue Dog loves butterscotch & peanut butter Booji Poo."

butthole booji figurine

Posted by  (Friday, 08 April 2016 10:08)

RECORD STORE DAY vinyl from Jerry & Mark of DEVO

This year RSD features solo releases by 2 founding members of DEVO:

Gerald Casale w/ Italy's Phunk Investigation "It's All DEVO" 12"

its all devo

Only 1037 pressed on the MVD Audio label.
Gerald Casale, founding member of DEVO, presents a new single with remixes from Phunk Investigation, Paul Mendez and more.

SEE THE VIDEO HERE (Courtesy of Dangerous Minds):

its all devo video 2b

...and get the T-Shirt HERE:

itsalldevo model mockup

Mark Mothersbaugh "Hello" 12" one-sided etched single

mm hello

Ltd Edition of 3000 units on Mark's MUTMUZ label.
New music from Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh on limited edition one-sided 12" vinyl! B side has a "Beautiful Mutant" etching of Mark's school portrait.


Posted by  (Monday, 21 March 2016 11:03)

bob1 in australia 2015

Bob Mothersbaugh underscores variety of work available for musicians.

Music is everywhere, particularly when your mother is an enthusiastic church pianist and your father dreams of being the next Benny Goodman on clarinet. Such was the case for Bob Mothersbaugh, lead guitarist for the controversial 1970s and '80s band, Devo.

Read more here

Posted by  (Friday, 11 March 2016 20:21)

Please join us in support of Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's Comedy + Music Show and Quinceanera on April 29th at the Shrine in Los Angeles.

oW8qa2H7S8qs7X3ozB8A Logo

Full Info:

Posted by  (Friday, 04 March 2016 10:45)

Announcing D-E-V-O by DEVO: The first, only official illustrated history of the band. Working with Rocket 88 Books, DEVO are compiling the illustrated book to tell the remarkable story of more than forty years of DEVO. For the first time the band have selected the key images that best tell how the DEVO BRAND was formulated and executed. They've also chosen  to UNMASK and reveal scenes from behind the DEVO curtain, with rare and previously unseen photos, drawings, plans and artworks that tell the story of the De-evolution band from Ohio...dating back from 1970 to the present day.
To ensure that the book goes ahead and to be a part of it, you must register your interest at the book's website devobook.net
Gerald Casale: "Devo was, and is, an adjective, an adverb, a noun, a Gestalt–a unified field concept embracing art, music, politics and fashion with an alternate world view we christened De-evolution. For the first time ever, this book compiles the breadth and depth of our attempts to create something unique against all odds, while fighting the good fight as the world slowly proved that De-evolution is real."
Mark Mothersbaugh: "DEVO has always been a misunderstood phenomena. We weren't trying to do what most people thought we were trying to do, and what we did wasn't what most people thought they were seeing.  This book, besides being a coherent exposition of how we were officially presented by "the entertainment industry", represents an attempt, akin to a post-plane crash autopsy, to lay things out and let people see what was inside the suitcase."
Go to devobook.net to register your interest now. 
Here's a sneak peek at the Registration Site:



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