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Business Calendar started out as a side project, a one-man show,and is now run

by a team of eight in Berlin. The app was very successfulright from the time Android entered

the mainstream market, andit now has an active user base of 2 million. But instead

of modernizingthe design and usability regularly, the developers focusedon implementing

user requests and customization options.

Palm House

Palm House – Palm Beach



My little flowers



Buds of Brooklyn is flower company based in Brooklyn, New York.

I was lucky enough to have complete freedom in the direction of the branding. Flower photographs by Hannah Miles.

Music album
Music album


Unlike the presentation, interaction with data deals with all of the dialogs, customizations and preferences and their influence on the interface. While we usually see the month or week views of our calendars, the real magic always happens in the dialogs. Being able to quickly find the right time slot, creating an event, setting all of its parameters (such as attendees or location) and, finally, getting reminders that are perfect for you — all of these are what make a calendar useful.


Carine Marque

If you’re pressed for space and clarity, using black for general interaction works well because it integrates in the system bars and lets you focus on the content, especially when the colors are defined by the user. Also, focusing on the user’s physical abilities and mindset is paramount for a good experience.

One thing we underestimated, despite intense research and good progress on the presentation side, was the hardcore user’s need to customize their calendar experience down to the tiniest detail (for example, changing the font’s transparency). Only after this initial UI exploration did we realize how much work would be needed — not only to implement the design suggestions, but also to customize everything.