Australian DEVOtee: Minordian 1982

Australian DEVOtee named Minordian – seen here just before he went to the DEVO concert in Australia circa Feb. 1982. Photo by Minordian.

Halloween 2010: Rachel as Injured Bob1

After hearing about Bob1’s hand injury in October 2010, which cancelled their tour dates for that year, DEVOtee Rachel Lee decided to dress like Bob1 for Halloween…complete with hand injury. Most people didn’t get the reference, obviously, but we were surprised that a few people who recognized the DEVO costume also knew about Bob1’s injury. Photo by Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso – Raleigh, NC – Oct. 31st, 2010.

Jon Mikl THOR is a DEVOtee


Jon Mikl Thor, far left, with Mark Mothersbaugh and a couple friends at DEVO’s show in Vancouver – Sept. 18, 2011.
Photo by Michael Pilmer.