As you can see, this year’s tee is De-VO to the highest degree!

In order to get this oversized graphic tee screen printed, we have to order a higher minimum quantity than we’re used to, and it’s not likely that we’ll be able to get more reprinted after the event. This is why PRE-ORDERING is SO IMPORTANT this year! If you want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE you get the size you need, ORDER NOW! If you arrive at the event and your shirt size is already sold out, there probably will not be another opportunity to purchase this limited edition event tee in the future.

Our annual DEVOtional fan gathering for 2019 (and our 3rd annual 5K DEVO Race) is set for July 26/27/28. DEVOtional dates are 26th & 27th at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH. 5K DEVO race date is July 28th in downtown Akron.