Not sure how much of this is true but after years of researching and just making guessed thoughts I believe I’ve been able to figure out exactly how Alan’s Synare E-Drum Kit on the Oh, No! Tour was setup.

7 Synare 3 Drum Pads, Split into two groups of 3. Placed at an angle so they would “surround” Alan

The last pad was placed lower than the others and in the middle to function as an electronic snare drum.

4 of these pads were routed into the CV IN of a Fairlight CMI placed back stage, triggering the compressed Linn Tom samples and the clap sound on That’s Good.

Two crash cymbals placed on his right side, from what I can see I think the two we’re place vertically parallel to one another.

Timpani sticks with the felts cut off we’re used on the pads.

This is all just from observation and research.

Is any of the info put down true?