It’s Gerald Casale here for Devo. These Pandemic times require devolved solutions. You’ve got to be quick on your feet to go forward and move ahead. So, the 4th annual 5KDEVO race is expanding beyond Akron and going virtual. This year you can run / walk / crawl or Shrivel Up anywhere in the world!

Devo wants everyone who runs or walks this year while outfitted in the 5KDEVO gear to document their participation via social media. Then the 5KDEVO organizers will tabulate the World Wide Race results for everyone to see. I collaborated on the designs for the entire package this year so of course I think this is the best looking 5KDEVO gear ever!! ha ha.

Anyway, it’s simple. There are two registration options – The Duty Now Edition and The Spud Edition. Both options get you a shirt, sticker, race bib, and finisher medal. The Duty Now Edition gets a 5K (3.1) oval sticker. The Spud Edition gets a 0.0 oval sticker.

Here is how it works. Register between August 10th and November 6th . Select either the Duty Now Edition or the Spud Edition. The organizers will send you your shirt, finisher medal, oval decal, and race bib starting on October 26th. Run / Walk your 5K (Duty Now Edition) or just do a Couch Potato NOTHING (Spud Edition) by November 14th. Let the 5KDEVO officials know how you did and they will add you to the race results. Make sure you wear your gear and document it on your favorite social media platform.

Duty Now for the Future.