This is a new series called Pointless History where I tell you exactly what the title says. It’s mostly stuff that peaks my interest. This episode is about DEVO’s Satisfaction Guitar. DEVO is an new wave band known for their hit song “Whip It” from 1980. Not a lot of people know (unless you’re a Hardcore DEVO Fan) that they have other songs, like Uncontrollable Urge, That’s Good, Girl U Want, Freedom of Choice, Gut Feeling, the list goes on. They have also, bravely I should add, covered some songs like Don’t Be Cruel, Secret Agent Man, It Takes A Worried Man, and their famous mutated cover of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. The leader singer, Mark Mothersbaugh, has a history of guitars with pedals duct taped to them when covering this song. This is the pointless history of the Satisfaction Guitar. Enjoy!