Hi, I am a relatively new Devotee (a fact I am very proud of) and I just had a very simple question: would Devo ever consider restoring their music videos which were shot on film to a modern 4K standard?

Now I do understand that it isn’t exactly as easy as just grabbing the original film negatives and scanning them in HD, but personally as a film preservation/restoration nerd, I would really like to see Devo’s music videos in HD.

I also understand that for the music videos that Devo shot on tape, you can’t really do much with those in terms of restoration. after all with tape its technically stuck in a Standard Definition resolution forever as it’s a digital signal that cannot be altered.

But I would really enjoy such things as Truth about De-evolution, The Satisfaction Video, and The Whip It video in glorious 4K resolution.

Thank you for your time and duty now for the future!