DEVO: Art Devo 1973-1977 Box Set. Available to pre-order now!

Futurismo presents the release all hardcore Devo fans have been waiting for, a lovingly packaged box set housing rare, unheard and obscure mind blowers sourced directly from the vaults of The De-Evolution Band. A collection of sonic and visual art that captures Devo at the dawn of industrial death.

Spanning 3xLP’s and a 7” of predominantly unreleased material, this anthology draws from Devo’s integral early history, garnered from unearthed basement recordings, original demo tapes, unfinished montages and rare live audio, all taken from the bands personal archive. The music is set against rare imagery, photos and personal artwork, with words penned directly from the hands of founding members Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh and packaged in a gold foiled archive box containing separate art cards, to evoke a pseudo auction house art catalogue. Did we mention one of the images is also Scratch ‘N’ Sniff!

This box set comes in a choice of limited edition coloured vinyl. A super-limited ‘individually numbered’ AKRON GOLD version will only available directly from Futurismo and Devo. NUCLEAR RUBBER colour vinyl is also available, as well as INDUSTRIAL DEATH colour – currently only available directly from Futurismo.

This is a one-time only, strictly limited edition box set, never to be remade.

Pre-order now to secure a copy from the FUTURISMO Inc. and Devo stores.