Today, Devo releases their iconic 1990 track “Post Post-Modern Man,” available for streaming for the first time ever. This is the second single of their upcoming compilation, 50 Years of De-Evolution: 1973 – 2023, to be released October 20th via Rhino Records. Listen HERE

“The post-post-modern man navigates through a devolved dystopia. He’s trying to whip it, and he’s ‘doin’ it the hard way’” – Gerald Casale  

50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION (1973-2023) will arrive in various configurations on October 20. The first is a 4-LP set pressed on clear vinyl that’s limited to 3,000 copies worldwide, available exclusively from This deluxe version comes in a slipcase with a 28-page book, a Devo air freshener, and a foldable paper hat that resembles the band’s iconic red energy domes. Additionally, a lithograph of the album artwork is included, with 150 of these lithographs being signed by the band and randomly inserted into sets. A 2-CD version of the 50-song collection will also be available. Pre-order HERE

On the same day, a 25-song version of 50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION (1973-2023) will be released as a 2-LP set on black vinyl, and a 2-LP special edition featuring blue and red vinyl will be available exclusively at retail.