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Unboxing DEVO x Super7 WHIP IT ReAction Figure!

SEE VIDEO of Devo-Obsesso unboxing a new product from DEVO, Inc. & Super7! We’ve been working with them to create something that has needed to happen for DECADES!! They’ve whipped up a tribute to the iconic groundbreaking band Devo with a 3.75” scale ReAction Figure of co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh. Inspired by their most famous music video, the figure includes a whip and bowl of whipping cream accessories! Available now at Super7.com.

DEVO Rocktober Giveaway!

Celebrate Rocktober with DEVO! Enter for a chance to win a DEVO prize pack featuring posters, stickers, and more. Come back daily to earn more entries 🔥

Enter now HERE.

Holey Domes! Claimed from Bootleggers!

Holey Moley! A De-Flowered Dome? WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!

It can be a constant battle protecting one’s trademark in the music industry. These less-than perfect Blue Energy Domes were confiscated from one bootlegger in an attempt to re-claim what was taken from DEVO, Inc.

These are made of VERY sturdy plastic, and the dimensions are perfect, but they tend to have scrapes & scuffs, as the manufacturers in China aren’t as careful as the USA factory we use for our Official Energy Domes. On top of that, the brainiac bootleggers put a DAMN HOLE in the last tier of the domes for their company tag. GO FIGURE! This hole’s for u!


DEVOtional 2022 Event Report!

Oh, YES! It was DEVOtional 2022!

An annual convention for DEVO fans, by DEVO fans. There’s no question that it was our biggest & best EVER in the 20+ years since the first of its kind back in 2000. We now present you a simple, straight-forward selection of stories, photos and videos…in glorious vintage HTML format, as usual. You’ll experience the event as seen through the eyes of attendees & organizers. See what happens before, during & after the event.

THANK YOU to all who attended or supported DEVOtional in any way!

DEVOtional 2022 Livestream Replay!

Now you can experience the main event day of our DEVOtional 2022 event via the livestream video that is still up for viewing on YouTube! A multi-camera mix from Saturday, September 17th at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. Highly devolved bands, special guests, a raffle for the most beautiful of mutants, and MORE! See it now on the official YouTube channel of Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso, who has been helping to manage the event since its inception in 2000.

A full report from the event is coming soon to Devo-Obsesso.com, featuring a chronological journey in photos & video from various perspectives throughout the entire DEVOtional 2022 weekend. STAY TUNED.

DEVOtional 2022 Door Prizes!

Our DEVOtional 2022 fan gathering is coming soon to Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio! Be one of the FIRST 100 spuds through the door on EACH NIGHT and receive a special limited edition gift!

FRIDAY Sept. 16th: A free “DEVOted” CD, available only to DEVOtional attendees. Features live performances from recent DEVOtional gatherings.

SATURDAY Sept. 17th: A free limited edition DEVOtional 2022 pinback set by SUPER7, one of our highly devolved sponsors this year! This set will only be available to DEVOtional attendees.


Oh, No! It’s DEVO 40th Anniversary Merch Drop!

Oh, No! It’s the 40th Anniversary of DEVO’s 1982 album, “Oh, No! It’s DEVO”!

In honor, we’ve created this selection of new official DEVO merch featuring our old pal, Shocked Daddy Zero, the floating spuds, and the very recognizable Peek-A-Boo glasses.