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question dumbass

ahhhhhhh. get me a BOY MASK and some merch through without the stupid border-checking. possible? squezze 1-2 lps and a mask and mark it as a gift from granny? you got me. prost

*the pic is my friend trying to throw a disc. haha. do do do do do do it, be nice not a compromise

*did not work. heres a pic i took in my yard. scheiße

My Satisfaction Guitar

I been working on a project guitar for a while. Wanted to recreate the “Satisfaction Guitar” from DEVO and bought some pedals to velcro on the guitar.

Energy Dome

My Energy Dome from the 1997 show.

My License Plate

Always see the smiles in my rear view mirror. And of course a “Whip It Whip It Good!” when I get passed. Had them since 1996. Milwaukee loves DEVO!

By Karpoman

Meeting Mark Mothersbaugh after his Performance

Mark Mothersbaugh, Music for Six-Sided Keyboard, NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts on 5/4/17. I had the chance to meet the creative genius himself! Myopia is on display at Grey Art Gallery through Jul 15, 2017:
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By Laser