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My energy dome

Why do o I get a sense of spud power every time I put on my energy dome?

by Jared

Why is it never straight up and down?

We put the poles in the holes and try to get them as straight as possible. Or as we like to say Purpledicklicker. Can you account for this?

By Bad Andy English

Kung Fu Spud

Sifu Robert Daniels sporting Blue

by Robert Daniels


By Andrew Lee Somervell.


Just finished this piece!  It’s made from vintage and fur fabric that I have appliqued and hand painted.  It’s gonna be on display soon at a local gallery in Seattle and thought other fellow Devo fans would want to take a look.
By alise.

I legally changed my Name to DEVO

Now it can be told! Here’s the court order of my legal name change to Devo, signed and notarized.
By Philip Devo Digby.

Bob 2 Freehand

Bob 2 – difficult to draw to an unskilled artist such as myself, but absolutely worth it.
By Carrie Quick.

Freehand DEVOtion

Freehand DEVO page in my notebook.
By Carrie Quick.