Are you guys optimistic or pessimistic about the state of the world?
Do you have ideas on what to do politically and personally? We have our ideas; we think it’s time to build the Green Party. And socialism as well.
Would you be willing to work with people with ideas outside the norm? Such as a third party politically?
And I have, myself, studied some ideas around duality and jungian psychology. Although I am not a professional psychologist, I’m very interested in human behavior and I hope we can find hope to evolve, still. Do you think we are destined to continue to deevolve? You say deevolution is real. We agree that that’s true. However… we see a need to stay open minded to the possibility of growing and winning.
You can see what I am doing in my blog on steemit. That is an alternative social media and I wish you would check that out if you want to talk about yourselves on social media. Although I applaud you going on conventional social media, steemit is an alternative where you won’t have to worry about getting censored and neither will I.
My blog