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Devo ’Smooth Noodle Maps’ Deluxe limited edition sets! This 2xLP release contains a die-cut sleeve, unheard tracks, remixes, huge poster, liner notes, cut-out finger spinners and the choice of three limited vinyl colours, 2xCD also available. Ultra limited sets come with a squishy Smooth Noodle Brain! PRE-ORDER NOW at store.futurismoinc.com.

Squishy Smooth Noodle Brains!

DEVO ’Smooth Noodle Maps’ Deluxe Reissue LP/CD is coming soon via
For those spuds who need that little bit extra there will be ultra limited bundles that come with a squishy Smooth Noodle Brain.
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Smooth Noodle Maps Deluxe Reissue!


We are finally ready to announce…FUTURISMO Inc. presents DEVO ‘Smooth Noodle Maps’ Deluxe.
Limited Edition 2xLP and 2xCD sets available to pre-order January!
Includes never-released bonus tracks & more.
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Bob 2 Figure NOW AVAILABLE at ClubDevo.com!

BOB 2 figure!
Each is hand-numbered.
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Gerald V. Casale in The Boston Globe 12/6/18

Is there any question that de-evolution is real?

“Don’t be surprised to see us on tour in our iconic red “Energy Domes” as we careen toward another presidential election. Speaking truth to power is a never-ending battle. It’s what we do.” – Gerald V. Casale of DEVO

See full article in The Boston Globe.

BOB2 Bobblin’ Throbblehead Figure!


Limited Edition BOB 2 Bobblin’ Throbblehead Figure

Bob Casale, one of the 5 essential gears in the original DEVO Fab 5, gets
honored posthumously with this hand-numbered, limited edition, 7″ sculpted
figure of 1,000 units. Bob is outfitted for devolved action with his “Duty
Now for the Future” era helmet and protective pads circa 1979 and his
classic DEVO Tee and 3-D glasses. This year marks legendary Devo’s 40th
anniversary release of our iconic debut record, “Are We Not Men?, We Are
DEVO!” Commemorate Bob 2 (and his famous facial mole) by stepping up and
becoming one of the few Throbblehead owning members of the Devolutionary

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The 30th Anniversary 2xLP (or 2xCD) release with unheard tracks, remixes, huge poster, liner notes, photo postcards and the choice of 2 limited vinyl colors! Ships from USA. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES SO ORDER NOW!