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DEVOtional News! Important!

Due to reasons all too familiar this year, DEVOtional 2020 as a physical face-to-face event has been postponed until 2021.

However, it’s still the 20th anniversary of our event, so we plan to celebrate! We’ll host a free DEVOtional 20th Anniversary Tribute Event LIVE on YouTube on Saturday, Nov. 14th, the date that would’ve been DEVOtional 2020’s main event day. Hosted on the YouTube page of Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso, original co-founder of the event 20 years ago.

Being a tribute to our DEVOtional event, we’ll be reminiscing past gatherings, sharing stories with our fellow DEVOtees and discussing our personal experiences as DEVO fans. We’ll also have a few VERY special guests to be announced soon. On top of that, we’ll raffle off a number of highly devolved items…So don’t miss it! (Facebook Tribute Event Page)

The official DEVOtional 2020 T-Shirt has been slightly revised to reflect the tribute to our 20th Anniversary, sans date & location info. (See image posted here).

Also, don’t forget that the 5KDEVO race is virtual and worldwide this year! REGISTER NOW!

FYI: The Beachland Ballroom, where we’ve held most of our events, is also celebrating their 20th year. We paid them in advance & in full for our 2020 event because we knew they were in need. Because they are obviously still in need, we hope to still pay them in full for the postponed 2020 event as a benefit to them. (See options listed in FAQ below).

Q: When will the DEVOtional 20th Anniversary General Boy T-Shirts be shipped?
A: Very soon after the Nov. 14th tribute event. Tees will still be on sale during the livestream and will be printed the following week.

All this info and more can be found at Devo-Obsesso.com.

Duty Now!

Nick Ciasullo & Michael Pilmer
DEVOtional Army Principals


Q: What happens to my ticket for DEVOtional 2020?

A: All tickets have been converted to DEVOtional 2021, happening on July 23rd-24th.

Q: What if I’m not sure if I can go? Can I have a refund?
A: Absolutely! If you are unable to attend, the following options

are available to you:

  1. Full Refund*
  2. Donate – Instruct us to donate the full (or partial) value of
    your ticket to The Beachland Ballroom. Like all restaurants, bars,
    and concert halls, they are fighting to keep the doors open.
  3. Donate – Make a full or partial donation to DEVOtional 2021. As
    mentioned above, funds were laid out for 2020. Help keep DEVOtional from running into the red for 2021.
  4. Convert them into raffle tickets! A few raffle items will be offered LIVE on 11/14. Use your ticket money to win prizes instead! Buy raffle tix here. $5 per ticket.

*If you were one of the first 100 ticket buyers who would’ve received the ltd edition 7″ vinyl single OR bought tickets 101-150 receiving the button, then that single (or button) will be passed onto the next consecutive ticket buyer. If you don’t opt for a refund, you still receive your gift mailed to your home FREE if in the continental US.

Q: When do I have to decide how to use my ticket?
A: If you will be choosing options 1-4 mentioned above, you must do so by October 30. All tickets will automatically be converted to the 2021 DEVOtional on October 31.

Virtual 5KDEVO Race in Nov. 2020!


It’s Gerald Casale here for Devo. These Pandemic times require devolved solutions. You’ve got to be quick on your feet to go forward and move ahead. So, the 4th annual 5KDEVO race is expanding beyond Akron and going virtual. This year you can run / walk / crawl or Shrivel Up anywhere in the world!

Devo wants everyone who runs or walks this year while outfitted in the 5KDEVO gear to document their participation via social media. Then the 5KDEVO organizers will tabulate the World Wide Race results for everyone to see. I collaborated on the designs for the entire package this year so of course I think this is the best looking 5KDEVO gear ever!! ha ha.

Anyway, it’s simple. There are two registration options – The Duty Now Edition and The Spud Edition. Both options get you a shirt, sticker, race bib, and finisher medal. The Duty Now Edition gets a 5K (3.1) oval sticker. The Spud Edition gets a 0.0 oval sticker.

Here is how it works. Register between August 10th and November 6th . Select either the Duty Now Edition or the Spud Edition. The organizers will send you your shirt, finisher medal, oval decal, and race bib starting on October 26th. Run / Walk your 5K (Duty Now Edition) or just do a Couch Potato NOTHING (Spud Edition) by November 14th. Let the 5KDEVO officials know how you did and they will add you to the race results. Make sure you wear your gear and document it on your favorite social media platform.

Duty Now for the Future.


DEVO Ltd Edition Fashion Lyric Tees

DEVO Ltd Edition Fashion Lyric Tees

Devolution is more real than ever! Spell it out to the world while looking sharp with these LIMITED EDITION, bright, summer Lyric T’s. Select DEVO lyrics are printed in bold graphic text, front and back, on these high quality, poly-cotton blend, summer weight T’s. It takes both sides to complete the selected lyrics.

Neon Orange for the “U Must Whip It” Tee.
Neon Green for the “It’s A Beautiful World” Tee.
Bright White for the “Freedom of Choice” Tee.

Speaking of freedom of choice, it’s hard to choose between these incredible looking T’s. You may want all three depending on your mood and your daily wardrobe matches.

Editions of only 125 per each of the 3 designs!

IN STOCK NOW at DEVO’s Official Online Store

DEVO Sweater by WAH-WAH Australia

WAH-WAH x DEVO Officially Licensed Sweater!

From the official Wah-Wah press release:

Wah-Wah is through being cool. It’s time to eliminate the ninnies and the twits and start spreading the truth about de-evolution. So here we have it folks, for the sake of the human race, Wah-Wah has collaborated with everyone’s favourite art punk messengers, DEVO.

Details: 100% Australian superfine merino wool / Knitted in China

Model wears size Medium. Refer to the size guide for measurements. If you have ordered one of the previous styles from WAH-WAH before, please note, this is a more relaxed fit and runs true to size.

Care: Turn your wool garment inside out, then hand wash in clean, lukewarm water, approximately 30°C, using a mild and gentle detergent. Allow to soak for a period of 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly firstly in lukewarm water, then finally in cold water. Dry flat in shade. Do not tumble dry. Warm iron. Dry Cleanable.

$250 AUD

Ships August 2020

More info at: wahwahaustralia.com

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars. $$

NEW! DEVO PPE Extreme Light Face Shield

DEVO, Inc. presents: The DEVO PPE Extreme Light Face Shield

“If you find yourself on a Pandemic budget or just too timid to don the red Dome on the street or in the workplace, DEVO has the solution for your Covid 19 nightmare:
Our Domeless, Clear Acryllic PPE Face Shield branded with the same ‘Duty Now For The Future’ logo that appears on our DEVO Dome with Face Shield Kit. The face shield attaches to a clear vinyl headband that adjusts to any spud’s pate.”

  • Gerald V. Casale/DEVO

“Not to prevent justice, but to perform it!”

  • Mark Mothersbaugh/DEVO

Order now!

New DEVO Online Store OPEN NOW!

Here’s a missive from Jerry of DEVO announcing an important anniversary and the re-launch of our official DEVO online store thanks to our new partnership with Impact Merchandising:


DEVO, ever canaries in a coalmine, issued that strident warning 40 years ago this month of May 1980 on the title track to our FREEDOM OF CHOICE LP. We were pro-information, anti stupid conformity and knew that the struggle for freedom against tyranny is never-ending.

Here we are 40 years later, living in the alternate reality nightmare spawned by Covid 19 and the botched response of our world “leaders” to do the right thing quickly. We are not exaggerating when we say that 2020 could be the last time you might be able to exercise your freedom of choice. If you don’t use it, you can certainly lose it.

DEVO also introduced the ENERGY DOME in tandem with our 1980 LP. Graphically bold design in aggressive, primary red it became the most iconic symbol of the band’s multi-media mission to spread the idea of Devolution. We explained that once the dome was placed on your head it recycled the electrical energy that regularly escapes from your brain. People of course laughed. Now the dome is no longer a source of controversy or derision. Its popularity is a sort of proof that De-evolution is real!

As you know the Coronavirus pandemic squashed any DEVO 2020 concert plans for the time being. We shall see what happens. In the meantime we know that as the lockdown is eased human interactions at concerts, sporting events, etc. mean that masks are part of our foreseeable future. To that end DEVO will be offering two classic designs for your PPE mask needs. Check our re-launched DEVO store for details.

What? The DEVO store is back? That’s right! Against all odds after unfortunate experiences with some bad actors & pandemic related delays, we are now able to offer cool DEVO stuff to any spud who might want it. In addition to the masks and classic T’s we have a spiffy, clear plastic, DEVO PPS Shield that is designed to attach easily to the DEVO Energy Dome to protect you from invisible microbes and unwanted bodily fluids. Stay safe in devolved style!

Duty Now For The Future,

Gerald Casale of DEVO

DEVOtional Tix & FREE 7″ Vinyl: Monday 3/23/20

DEVOtional 2020 Event Tickets Go On Sale MONDAY MARCH 23rd at 9am EST at Devo-Obsesso.com.

The first 100 ticket buyers receive a FREE vinyl 7″ record!
Details below.

Don’t Miss Out!


Limited Edition 7″ Red Vinyl Single featuring 2 live DEVO songs recorded in 2012 & 2019.

Side A: FREEDOM OF CHOICE (Live in CA at Desert Daze Festival 2019)
Side B: GIRL U WANT (Live in Oklahoma City in 2012)

Hand-numbered screen printed covers.

Only 100 Red Vinyl versions will be pressed!
Those will be given to the 1st 100 ticket buyers.

Big thanks to Screen Arts Florida for printing the covers!


DEVO Live 1980 LP Black Friday RSD!

Heads Up, DEVOtees: Record Store Day BLACK FRIDAY (NOV. 29th) Special Release!

In the early 1980s the “Warner Bros. Music Show” series was mailed to radio stations as promo copies, to be aired only once as a radio show. Pressings were probably a run of a few hundred copies and may have been included as part of the Rockpool service that was sent to 250 college stations. For RSD Black Friday this edition of the series’ promo has been replicated. Six songs from this recording, including an unlisted intro, were used to make the original DEV-O Live 12″ mini-album release.

SIDE A – A1 “Freedom of Choice Theme Song” A2 “Whip It” A3 “Snowball” A4 “It’s Not Right” A5 “Girl U Want” A6 “Planet Earth” A7 “S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)” A8 “Secret Agent Man” A9 “Blockhead”

SIDE B – B1 “Uncontrollable Urge” B2 “Mongoloid” B3 “Be Stiff” B4 “Gates Of Steel” B5 “Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA” B6 “Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)” B7 “Come Back Jonee”

recordstoreday.com #RSDBF

DEVOtional 2019 Event Report!

(Photo: DEVOMATIX from Atlanta, GA live at Beachland Ballroom July 27th, 2019)

The official DEVOtional 2019 Report is now online at Devo-Obsesso.com! Tons of photos, videos and stories from the weekend long gathering of DEVOtees, spuds, and beautiful mutants which was held in Ohio July 26-28.