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Hardcore DEVO Re-Issued On Vinyl and CD!

ATTN: DEVO re-issues Hardcore Volumes 1 & 2 via Superior Viaduct!
Vinyl Vol. 1 and Vinyl Vol. 2, as well as the CD, are available NOW at ClubDevo.com!


– First time reissue of archival material from the mid 70’s
– Initial release in the early 90’s long out of print
– Original versions of classic DEVO songs “Mongoloid” and “Jocko Homo”
– 4 previously unreleased Hardcore-era bonus tracks are included in Vol. 2!
– Lovingly packaged with Moshe Brakha’s stunning cover photography

Hardcore documents DEVO’s beginning as pre-punk outcasts in the fertile Akron, Ohio underground rock scene. Spawned at the nearby college of Kent State, site of the infamous May 4 Massacre, DEVO formed as a conceptual art project armed with a radical philosophy of de-evolution. Brothers Mothersbaugh (Mark and Bob) and Brothers Casale (Jerry and Bob) along with drummer Alan Myers soon whipped-up an otherworldly brand of “devolved blues” that could hold its own alongside the beatnik groove of 15-60-75 (aka The Numbers Band) or the primal rock poetry of the Bizarros.

Recorded on various 4-track machines and in tiny studios, basements, and garages between 1974-1977, Hardcore reveals their strikingly clear vision: rock n’ roll stripped bare of its collective cool and jerked back into propaganda fit for post-modern man. Threaded beneath it all are lyrical themes of post-McCarthy paranoia, middle-class ephemera, and DEVO’s long-running topic of choice: sex, or lack thereof.



New BOB1 DEVO T-Shirt!

New DEVO T-Shirt featuring huge photo of Robert “Bob1” Mothersbaugh in concert circa 1970s. Logo & signature on back. Order yours at ClubDevo.com!

DEVO 2013 Tour Tees Available Now!

DEVO’s 2013 Tour T-Shirt features silhouette of band on front with “D-E-V-O” in Energy Domes on back. Sold at DEVO’s 2013 concerts, and now available at ClubDevo.com. Available in both Men’s & Women’s styles!

DEVObots App for iPhone

DEVOtee makes DEVObots App for iPhones!

Booji Boy says, “They got these things called Apps now. Magic phone toys! Fun! DEVO’s got an App for iPhone now, created by a DEVOtee pal of ours, and I’ve been makin’ sounds and building DEVObots with it since General Boy left his iPhone unattended. Check it out, Spuds!”
The App’s creator says, “The App is an audio loop generator featuring unreleased DEVO loops from the 1980s that you can mix together and make your own music or sounds. It is also an Art creation Kit where you can decorate your own photos and make new characters from DEVObots assets or stickers in the App.”

Click Here to see a DEVObot image created on iPhone by Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO.


DEVO Live 1981 Seattle on CD!

DEVO released “Live 1981 Seattle” as a 2LP vinyl set last year as part of Record Store Day, and it sold out quickly. This year we offer it to you on CD in a beautiful digipack with 2 bonus tracks, plus a booklet featuring rare 1981/82 tour photos!

From Press Release: A rare recording of DEVO live in concert during their 1981 New Traditionalists tour, extracted from DEVO’s archives. This CD was cut from a cassette recording of DEVO’s show in Seattle, WA show in November ‘81. DEVO archivist Michael Pilmer (aka Devo-Obsesso), found the tape in a shoebox full of cassettes in Bob No 2’s home fifteen years ago, which he immediately transferred it to DAT. Afterward it promptly disappeared in the flotsam of DEVO history. Here resurrected it stands as a testament to Prince’s claim “DEVO, you guys are crazy!” Yes, crazy tight and relentless like Caucasian James Browns on marching powder.


…and check out this NEW TRADITIONALISTS ASTRONAUT TEE we made in honor of this CD release!

Australia/New Zealand 2012 Tour Tees

We’ve re-printed a limited quantity of these 2012 Australia/New Zealand DEVO tour shirts for those of you who weren’t able to pick one up during our shows down under last year. Features 40 years of DEVO logos on one Tee, plus tour dates on the back. Get yours now ‘cuz once they’re gone, they’re gone!

DiscLive to Record/Release DEVO Australia Shows!

Great news for DEVO fans Down Under (and round the world!)

DISCLIVE will be recording the upcoming DEVO shows in Australia, and will also be recording Simple Minds! As with our last offering, the DEVO disc includes both the live show, and the never-before-released concert from 1978! These will be individually numbered and will not last long. And if you are a fan of BOTH bands you can order BOTH CDs and receive a discount off of the regular post show price!

You may order your DEVO CD by going HERE.

If you want the Devo & Simple Minds BUNDLE deal, just go HERE.

Don’t wait! History has shown that products like these sell out FAST in Australia!

Booji Boy Mask! Ltd. Edition of 100! (Sold Out)


An Official DEVO ‘Booji Boy’ Mask was made available to the public for the first time in DEVO history! The info was sent out to DEVO fans worldwide in October 2012, and the limited edition of 100 masks sold out in just 36 hours.

Those lucky spuds who got one can now assume the role of the infantile spirit of DEVO as you spread the truth about Devolution. Each high quality latex mask is poured, painted, and numbered by hand. Manufactured by SikRik Masks in Akron, Ohio.

(Glasses Not Included with Mask)

2012 Tour Tee Now Available For Sale at ClubDevo.com

(While Supplies Last!)

This new DEVO Logo-Obsesso 2012 Tour T-Shirt was only available for sale at DEVO’s concerts this year. However, it was a very popular item with fans, so we are offering the leftover stock for sale here at ClubDevo.com from now until they sell out!

Features 40 years of DEVO logos on one shirt! Available in both men’s & women’s styles.
Get ’em while you can, Spuds!

DEVO DiscLive CDs! 2012 Tour + Live ’78!

DEVO is excited to be working again with DiscLive to record select upcoming shows on our US run as well as in Australia!  We worked with DiscLive back in 2004 when we recorded “Live in NYC” from Central Park. The CDs are high quality, strictly limited edition 2xCD sets, that will be packaged in handsome DigiPaks and individually numbered.  You will be able to pre-order the CD set online here, and can opt to pick up the show you will be attending, or, if you are not attending (or are elsewhere in the world) you may have your CD set shipped home to you. You may also purchase these AT the show, so you may walk out with it in your hands!

As part of the set, we are also including a previously unreleased recording of DEVO’s performance in Bristol, UK from 1978!  This recording has never seen the light of day and we are providing it as a special bonus if you purchase one of these disc sets. Since these are limited edition, you should reserve your copy now so you make sure you have one!  Just go to the DiscLive website and order yours now! Once they are gone, they are gone forever!

New DEVO Poster Now Available!

18″ x 24″ Full Color Poster featuring wall-to-wall carpet and the entire cast from the graphics of DEVO’s “Something For Everybody” album!