DEVO Live 1981 Seattle – Two LP SET + Two 12” Posters!
VINYL ONLY! Special Record Store Day 2012 Release!

Gerald V. Casale of DEVO talks about this release:

“A rare recording of DEVO live in concert during our 1981 “New Traditionalists” tour, extracted from DEVO’s archives, and unreleased until now. For this tour, DEVO donned the self-designed plastic replicas of Reagan’s lacquered hair look and got to work on synchronized treadmills placed in a stage set featuring a back lit, fast food abomination of a Greek temple with Ionic columns. DEVO were through bein’ cool even though we never started. The look, the show and the songs mutated beyond their satiric underpinnings into something strangely captivating to many and very threatening to others. Once again DEVO struck a raw nerve and served as a cultural litmus test. The press heaped big helpings of praise for the band’s originality and vicious attacks on our “ungodliness” in equal amounts. This 2 LP set was cut from a cassette recording of DEVO’s show in Seattle, WA show in Nov. ‘81. DEVO archivist Michael Pilmer (aka Devo-Obsesso), found the tape in a shoebox full of cassettes in Bob2’s home fifteen years ago, which he immediately transferred it to DAT. Afterward it promptly disappeared in the flotsam of Devo history. Here resurrected it stands as a testament to Prince’s claim “Devo, you guys are crazy!” Yes, crazy tight and relentless like Caucasian James Browns on marching powder. Enjoy.”

AVAILABLE on Record Store Day – APRIL 21st, 2012 at fine record stores everywhere.

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