Limited Edition BOB 2 Bobblin’ Throbblehead Figure

Bob Casale, one of the 5 essential gears in the original DEVO Fab 5, gets
honored posthumously with this hand-numbered, limited edition, 7″ sculpted
figure of 1,000 units. Bob is outfitted for devolved action with his “Duty
Now for the Future” era helmet and protective pads circa 1979 and his
classic DEVO Tee and 3-D glasses. This year marks legendary Devo’s 40th
anniversary release of our iconic debut record, “Are We Not Men?, We Are
DEVO!” Commemorate Bob 2 (and his famous facial mole) by stepping up and
becoming one of the few Throbblehead owning members of the Devolutionary

Pre-order now!