Hi, I’m a fifteen year old spud who lives in Queens,NY. And I was wondering why you guys don’t have an official eyebrow version of Devo glasses yet. Like the one’s off the cover of “Oh No! It’s Devo.” And if you did have them in the past you should really look into re-producing them. I would love to have a pair! I don’t think people’s skulls vary that much in size, it shouldn’t be THAT much of a hassle to size them correctly for a adult/child. And if not glasses, make eyebrow pads so people can stick them on their own set of glasses! Or whatever else they can think of! I crafted myself a pair for Halloween because I’m planning on dressing up as Mark, but they don’t look so hot. So I just thought I’d mention it to you all. Plus, (I’m not sure what the actual name is for them) but the white, “dome” neck pieces you guys use to flaunt would be a cool addition to the merch store as well. Thanks for taking time out to read through this! I love you all! – W