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DEVOtional 2022 Door Prizes!

Our DEVOtional 2022 fan gathering is coming soon to Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio! Be one of the FIRST 100 spuds through the door on EACH NIGHT and receive a special limited edition gift!

FRIDAY Sept. 16th: A free “DEVOted” CD, available only to DEVOtional attendees. Features live performances from recent DEVOtional gatherings.

SATURDAY Sept. 17th: A free limited edition DEVOtional 2022 pinback set by SUPER7, one of our highly devolved sponsors this year! This set will only be available to DEVOtional attendees.


Oh, No! It’s DEVO 40th Anniversary Merch Drop!

Oh, No! It’s the 40th Anniversary of DEVO’s 1982 album, “Oh, No! It’s DEVO”!

In honor, we’ve created this selection of new official DEVO merch featuring our old pal, Shocked Daddy Zero, the floating spuds, and the very recognizable Peek-A-Boo glasses.


Rare DEVO Vinyl Raffled at DEVOtional 2022!

ATTN DEVO COLLECTORS: Our DEVOtional 2022 Raffle will include VERY rare DEVO Vinyl!

A limited edition 7″ vinyl record was released for DEVOtional 2020 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fan gatherings in Ohio. Only 100 red vinyl singles were pressed and promised to the first 100 ticket buyers. Unfortunately the face-to-face event was cancelled because of the pandemic, so the celebration became a live online event. All the red singles were mailed to the lucky 100 ticket buyers.

In addition, 100 singles were pressed in blue vinyl for DEVO to offer on their website, and 100 on clear vinyl with alternate cover art sold by the Japanese record label. Both of those pressings sold out quickly.

BUT THERE’S MORE – We also had the 7″ pressed in VERY limited quantities in other various colors with hand numbered covers, which we’d planned on distributing at the 2020 event. ONE OF EACH OF THESE 4 PREVIOUSLY UNAVAILABLE SINGLES WILL BE RAFFLED at our DEVOTIONAL 2022 event on SEPT. 17th in Ohio! The raffle that night will also include other highly devolved items to be announced later.

We do not plan on making these singles available for sale at any time. See below for prize details.

1 of each PREVIOUSLY UNAVAILABLE 7″s for DEVOtional 2022 Raffle:

DEVOtional cover / White Vinyl / #009/050
DEVO cover / White Vinyl / #009/030
Booji Boy Black Paint / Japan cover / White Vinyl / #017/019
Booji Boy Color Paint / Japan cover / Mixed Vinyl / #005/013

You can find more info on these 7″ releases at Discogs.com.

Event info at Devo-Obsesso.com

More VERY Special Guests & Bands for DEVOtional 2022!

This year’s DEVOtional fan gathering is turning out to be even MORE amazing! We’re happy to announce 2 new very special guests: STEVE BARTEK of OINGO BOINGO & Rod “The Man” Rooter (aka Michael Schwartz) of DEVO video fame! Also glad to have a couple new bands added to the event: Fight Milk from Redmond, WA and Weird Paul from Pittsburgh, PA! FULL DETAILS AT DEVO-OBSESSO.COM.

DEVOtional 2022 News!

DEVOtional 2022 News! Our annual DEVO fan event is set for Sept. 16/17 at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH! Special Guests & Bands announced! TIX & TEES FOR SALE! And did you see the special limited edition GIFT for the first 100 ticket buyers? DON’T MISS IT THIS YEAR!

Go to Devo-Obsesso.com for details

Print by SHAG! Are We Not Men?

DEVO and SHAG teamed up to bring you this highly devolved print!

10 color silk screen print
Unframed: 29” x 25” (74 cm x 64 cm)
Framed: 36” x 32” (91 cm x 81 cm)
Signed, numbered edition of 200
Officially licensed by DEVO

Available in-store at the Shag Store in Palm Springs at a special cocktail reception celebrating the release of the print, Saturday, June 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The print will go on sale online at shagstore.com on Sunday, June 12, at 9:00 am PDT.

DEVO Supports Ukraine

Help DEVO support the brave Ukrainian people’s fight to defend their country against the brutal, unjustifiable Russian invasion. All proceeds from sales of DEVO’s Ukraine-themed merchandise go to Music Saves UA and World Central Kitchen. https://shop.clubdevo.com/

DEVO at The 80’s Cruise 2023!

ATTN DEVOTEES: Join us on the The 80s Cruise in 2023 alongside Kim Wilde, Bret Michaels, Howard Jones, The Church, Morris Day & The Time, Living Colour and more! Booking is open, so head to the link to reserve your spot!

DEVO Odds and Sods Merch

Recently extracted from storage – previously available DEVO merch, most of which hasn’t been available for years. It’s very likely that none of this will be made again, so get it while you can, spuds!

See “Devolution: A Devo Theory”

Devolutionary Army Alert!

46 years ago General Boy sounded the alarm when he appeared on screen in Devo’s debut film short, “The Beginning Was The End: The Truth about De-evolution” and proclaimed “In the past this information has been suppressed but now it can be told. Every man, woman and mutant on this planet shall know the truth about De-evolution!” Our small, rag tag army of early adaptors duly absorbed his revolutionary declaration. Given the ensuing glut of historical facts and shocking dissipation of rational discourse and critical thought in America its almost impossible to believe that the idea that humans are devolving still meets with strong resistance. However, that’s exactly the case! Let me explain.

Australian film maker, Dom Giorgi, and his production team visited Los Angeles in late February of 2020 on the cusp of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Their purpose was simple. Interview Devo focusing solely on the origins of our theory of De-evolution by reflecting on the last 40 years since we wrote and recorded our “line in the sand” song, “Beautiful World”. Theirs was a labor of love and they were spending their own resources to get the film made. They felt “Beautiful World” was the anchor to their inquiry regarding Devo’s prescient theory and if, in fact, it was even a theory or simply a reality at this point in time. To help them on their no-budget effort we even re-recorded “Beautiful World” for their film with real bass and drums as when we play it live in concert. They toiled for a year and hatched “Devolution: A Devo Theory”, a compelling, one-hour deep dive of earnest insights and simple truths.

Their effort was met with capricious indifference, dismissive condescension and general push back from the corporate gatekeepers who distribute visual content in the United States and Europe. In short, this information HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED by those who don’t want viewers to hear our message and consider our thesis to be dangerous rubbish. Given that De-evolution is quite real in 2022 that posture is beyond mind-blowing.

m So, to all of you who have supported our efforts for decades we offer you this streaming link below to the film in question. The more views it garners, the more Dom and his partners have a tiny chance in hell of landing a distributor who will allow their film, and Devo’s point of view, to see the light of day.”

Duty Now For The Future, Gerald V. Casale/DEVO