DEVO’s “Bob 2” Super7 Presale!

The 3.75” scale Devo ReAction Figure of Robert Casale (aka Bob 2) was inspired by the band’s “[I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction” music video, featuring him in the iconic yellow Tyvek suit with a guitar accessory.

Available for pre-sale now at Super7.com !

DEVO: Art Devo 1973-1977 Box Set!

DEVO: Art Devo 1973-1977 Box Set. Available to pre-order now!

Futurismo presents the release all hardcore Devo fans have been waiting for, a lovingly packaged box set housing rare, unheard and obscure mind blowers sourced directly from the vaults of The De-Evolution Band. A collection of sonic and visual art that captures Devo at the dawn of industrial death.

Spanning 3xLP’s and a 7” of predominantly unreleased material, this anthology draws from Devo’s integral early history, garnered from unearthed basement recordings, original demo tapes, unfinished montages and rare live audio, all taken from the bands personal archive. The music is set against rare imagery, photos and personal artwork, with words penned directly from the hands of founding members Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh and packaged in a gold foiled archive box containing separate art cards, to evoke a pseudo auction house art catalogue. Did we mention one of the images is also Scratch ‘N’ Sniff!

This box set comes in a choice of limited edition coloured vinyl. A super-limited ‘individually numbered’ AKRON GOLD version will only available directly from Futurismo and Devo. NUCLEAR RUBBER colour vinyl is also available, as well as INDUSTRIAL DEATH colour – currently only available directly from Futurismo.

This is a one-time only, strictly limited edition box set, never to be remade.

Pre-order now to secure a copy from the FUTURISMO Inc. and Devo stores.

Unboxing DEVO x Super7 WHIP IT ReAction Figure!

SEE VIDEO of Devo-Obsesso unboxing a new product from DEVO, Inc. & Super7! We’ve been working with them to create something that has needed to happen for DECADES!! They’ve whipped up a tribute to the iconic groundbreaking band Devo with a 3.75” scale ReAction Figure of co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh. Inspired by their most famous music video, the figure includes a whip and bowl of whipping cream accessories! Available now at Super7.com.

DEVO Rocktober Giveaway!

Celebrate Rocktober with DEVO! Enter for a chance to win a DEVO prize pack featuring posters, stickers, and more. Come back daily to earn more entries 🔥

Enter now HERE.

Holey Domes! Claimed from Bootleggers!

Holey Moley! A De-Flowered Dome? WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!

It can be a constant battle protecting one’s trademark in the music industry. These less-than perfect Blue Energy Domes were confiscated from one bootlegger in an attempt to re-claim what was taken from DEVO, Inc.

These are made of VERY sturdy plastic, and the dimensions are perfect, but they tend to have scrapes & scuffs, as the manufacturers in China aren’t as careful as the USA factory we use for our Official Energy Domes. On top of that, the brainiac bootleggers put a DAMN HOLE in the last tier of the domes for their company tag. GO FIGURE! This hole’s for u!


DEVOtional 2022 Event Report!

Oh, YES! It was DEVOtional 2022!

An annual convention for DEVO fans, by DEVO fans. There’s no question that it was our biggest & best EVER in the 20+ years since the first of its kind back in 2000. We now present you a simple, straight-forward selection of stories, photos and videos…in glorious vintage HTML format, as usual. You’ll experience the event as seen through the eyes of attendees & organizers. See what happens before, during & after the event.

THANK YOU to all who attended or supported DEVOtional in any way!

DEVOtional 2022 Livestream Replay!

Now you can experience the main event day of our DEVOtional 2022 event via the livestream video that is still up for viewing on YouTube! A multi-camera mix from Saturday, September 17th at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. Highly devolved bands, special guests, a raffle for the most beautiful of mutants, and MORE! See it now on the official YouTube channel of Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso, who has been helping to manage the event since its inception in 2000.

A full report from the event is coming soon to Devo-Obsesso.com, featuring a chronological journey in photos & video from various perspectives throughout the entire DEVOtional 2022 weekend. STAY TUNED.

DEVOtional 2022 Door Prizes!

Our DEVOtional 2022 fan gathering is coming soon to Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio! Be one of the FIRST 100 spuds through the door on EACH NIGHT and receive a special limited edition gift!

FRIDAY Sept. 16th: A free “DEVOted” CD, available only to DEVOtional attendees. Features live performances from recent DEVOtional gatherings.

SATURDAY Sept. 17th: A free limited edition DEVOtional 2022 pinback set by SUPER7, one of our highly devolved sponsors this year! This set will only be available to DEVOtional attendees.


Oh, No! It’s DEVO 40th Anniversary Merch Drop!

Oh, No! It’s the 40th Anniversary of DEVO’s 1982 album, “Oh, No! It’s DEVO”!

In honor, we’ve created this selection of new official DEVO merch featuring our old pal, Shocked Daddy Zero, the floating spuds, and the very recognizable Peek-A-Boo glasses.


Rare DEVO Vinyl Raffled at DEVOtional 2022!

ATTN DEVO COLLECTORS: Our DEVOtional 2022 Raffle will include VERY rare DEVO Vinyl!

A limited edition 7″ vinyl record was released for DEVOtional 2020 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fan gatherings in Ohio. Only 100 red vinyl singles were pressed and promised to the first 100 ticket buyers. Unfortunately the face-to-face event was cancelled because of the pandemic, so the celebration became a live online event. All the red singles were mailed to the lucky 100 ticket buyers.

In addition, 100 singles were pressed in blue vinyl for DEVO to offer on their website, and 100 on clear vinyl with alternate cover art sold by the Japanese record label. Both of those pressings sold out quickly.

BUT THERE’S MORE – We also had the 7″ pressed in VERY limited quantities in other various colors with hand numbered covers, which we’d planned on distributing at the 2020 event. ONE OF EACH OF THESE 4 PREVIOUSLY UNAVAILABLE SINGLES WILL BE RAFFLED at our DEVOTIONAL 2022 event on SEPT. 17th in Ohio! The raffle that night will also include other highly devolved items to be announced later.

We do not plan on making these singles available for sale at any time. See below for prize details.

1 of each PREVIOUSLY UNAVAILABLE 7″s for DEVOtional 2022 Raffle:

DEVOtional cover / White Vinyl / #009/050
DEVO cover / White Vinyl / #009/030
Booji Boy Black Paint / Japan cover / White Vinyl / #017/019
Booji Boy Color Paint / Japan cover / Mixed Vinyl / #005/013

You can find more info on these 7″ releases at Discogs.com.

Event info at Devo-Obsesso.com

More VERY Special Guests & Bands for DEVOtional 2022!

This year’s DEVOtional fan gathering is turning out to be even MORE amazing! We’re happy to announce 2 new very special guests: STEVE BARTEK of OINGO BOINGO & Rod “The Man” Rooter (aka Michael Schwartz) of DEVO video fame! Also glad to have a couple new bands added to the event: Fight Milk from Redmond, WA and Weird Paul from Pittsburgh, PA! FULL DETAILS AT DEVO-OBSESSO.COM.

DEVOtional 2022 News!

DEVOtional 2022 News! Our annual DEVO fan event is set for Sept. 16/17 at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH! Special Guests & Bands announced! TIX & TEES FOR SALE! And did you see the special limited edition GIFT for the first 100 ticket buyers? DON’T MISS IT THIS YEAR!

Go to Devo-Obsesso.com for details

Print by SHAG! Are We Not Men?

DEVO and SHAG teamed up to bring you this highly devolved print!

10 color silk screen print
Unframed: 29” x 25” (74 cm x 64 cm)
Framed: 36” x 32” (91 cm x 81 cm)
Signed, numbered edition of 200
Officially licensed by DEVO

Available in-store at the Shag Store in Palm Springs at a special cocktail reception celebrating the release of the print, Saturday, June 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The print will go on sale online at shagstore.com on Sunday, June 12, at 9:00 am PDT.

DEVO Supports Ukraine

Help DEVO support the brave Ukrainian people’s fight to defend their country against the brutal, unjustifiable Russian invasion. All proceeds from sales of DEVO’s Ukraine-themed merchandise go to Music Saves UA and World Central Kitchen. https://shop.clubdevo.com/

DEVO at The 80’s Cruise 2023!

ATTN DEVOTEES: Join us on the The 80s Cruise in 2023 alongside Kim Wilde, Bret Michaels, Howard Jones, The Church, Morris Day & The Time, Living Colour and more! Booking is open, so head to the link to reserve your spot!

DEVO Odds and Sods Merch

Recently extracted from storage – previously available DEVO merch, most of which hasn’t been available for years. It’s very likely that none of this will be made again, so get it while you can, spuds!

See “Devolution: A Devo Theory”

Devolutionary Army Alert!

46 years ago General Boy sounded the alarm when he appeared on screen in Devo’s debut film short, “The Beginning Was The End: The Truth about De-evolution” and proclaimed “In the past this information has been suppressed but now it can be told. Every man, woman and mutant on this planet shall know the truth about De-evolution!” Our small, rag tag army of early adaptors duly absorbed his revolutionary declaration. Given the ensuing glut of historical facts and shocking dissipation of rational discourse and critical thought in America its almost impossible to believe that the idea that humans are devolving still meets with strong resistance. However, that’s exactly the case! Let me explain.

Australian film maker, Dom Giorgi, and his production team visited Los Angeles in late February of 2020 on the cusp of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Their purpose was simple. Interview Devo focusing solely on the origins of our theory of De-evolution by reflecting on the last 40 years since we wrote and recorded our “line in the sand” song, “Beautiful World”. Theirs was a labor of love and they were spending their own resources to get the film made. They felt “Beautiful World” was the anchor to their inquiry regarding Devo’s prescient theory and if, in fact, it was even a theory or simply a reality at this point in time. To help them on their no-budget effort we even re-recorded “Beautiful World” for their film with real bass and drums as when we play it live in concert. They toiled for a year and hatched “Devolution: A Devo Theory”, a compelling, one-hour deep dive of earnest insights and simple truths.

Their effort was met with capricious indifference, dismissive condescension and general push back from the corporate gatekeepers who distribute visual content in the United States and Europe. In short, this information HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED by those who don’t want viewers to hear our message and consider our thesis to be dangerous rubbish. Given that De-evolution is quite real in 2022 that posture is beyond mind-blowing.

m So, to all of you who have supported our efforts for decades we offer you this streaming link below to the film in question. The more views it garners, the more Dom and his partners have a tiny chance in hell of landing a distributor who will allow their film, and Devo’s point of view, to see the light of day.”

Duty Now For The Future, Gerald V. Casale/DEVO


VIDEO: Devo Archives Dive Vol. 1

NEW VIDEO: Devo Archives Dive Vol. 1. Featuring a few rare & ridiculous items from DEVO-Obsesso’s Archive. Special guest appearance by Robert “Bob 1” Mothersbaugh!

DEVOtional 2021 Event Report!

DEVO-OBSESSO Presents: Full report from our recent DEVOtional 2021 event in Ohio. The old trusty vintage html site is chocked full of photos, videos & stories from the largest & longest running gathering of DEVOtees in the world. This year broke new attendance records and featured lotsa bands and very special guests. We hope this brings back memories for those who attended, and convinces those who didn’t to join us there next year. DUTY NOW!


Photo by Scott Orsi

DEVO Holiday Merch!

“As we collectively emerge from our respective bunkers with Covid skulking into the shadows it’s time to celebrate this Holiday Season! What better way to declare “We’re All Devo” than donning some limited edition, season-driven Devo fashions for the ages? Look sharp and stay safe with Devo’s 2021 line of fine designs including their bold, block Logo Sweatshirt, fashionably “ugly” Holiday Beanie and Scarf, the sloganized black lightweight bomber jacket/shell and the cool-patterned Energy Dome Pajama set!” – Gerald V. Casale of DEVO

Available Now at DEVO’s official online shop:

DEVO NYC Date for 2022 Announced!

DEVO NYC Rescheduled Date Announced! We FINALLY have a rescheduled date for our postponed NYC show! DEVO will perform on The Rooftop at PIER 17 in NYC on May 18, 2022.

Official Public On Sale date: Nov. 19th, 2021 – 10am EST — Ticket Link

Full list of confirmed tour dates at ClubDevo.com!

DEVO x Trust Me Potato Vodka LTD EDITION!


Gerald Casale of DEVO discusses a new collaboration between DEVO, Inc. and Trust Me vodka. Made for spuds with spuds! Potato vodka – Gluten Free. A very limited edition package.

SEE Unboxing by Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso here.

Get all Vodka details here.

DEVO nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Just Announced Devo has been named a 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee! Voting begins now at rockhall.lnk.to/2021FanVote

We appreciate all the fans years of support!

To be eligible for this year’s ballot, each nominee’s first single or album had to have been released in 1995 or earlier. A voter pool of more than 1,000 artists, historians, journalists, and members of the music industry will select the new class. Starting today, fans will also have a chance to take part in the process by voting at rockhall.com or at an interactive kiosk at the museum in Cleveland. Their selections will count as a single “fan ballot” that gets tabulated along with the others.

DEVO Paperback Book Perusal Video

In case you missed it, you can now view last weekend’s YouTube livestream featuring a casual perusal of DEVO’s recent paperback book release with Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso and Gerald V. Casale of DEVO. See archived video here:

DEVO Book YouTube Livestream Perusal

Saturday Feb. 6th from 8pm-9pm EST / YouTube Livestream:

A casual perusal of the new DEVO paperback book issued in 2020. Join Michael Pilmer (aka Devo-Obsesso) and DEVO’s Gerald V. Casale as they browse the latest version of DEVO’s book, which was originally released in limited edition hardcover back in 2018. Go here on Feb. 6th, 2021 at 8pm EST: YouTube.com/mpilmer

DEVO Funko Pop! Figures

Whip your FUNKO Pop! collection into shape with these figures in classic DEVO gear!

Links below will be active starting 2:30pm PST on Jan. 29th:
Whip It (Activates on 1/29/21)
Satisfaction (Activates on 1/29/21)

PRE-ORDER Popular DEVO Leisure Wear!

LISTEN UP SPUDS! First the bad news. The DEVO Buttoned-Down Collar Leisure Shirt sold out in 30 minutes! OK, that’s not so bad because the good news is the folks at Middle of Beyond have arranged to satisfy scores of you who missed out and let it be known by starting a pre-Order program. You can get your shirt in the size you want (S-3XL) if you’re willing to be a bit patient with the lead time (a month or two). Pre-order by Feb. 15th to ensure you get your size. I must admit the unprecedented demand caught DEVO by surprise. Thank you all for the great seal of approval.”

Duty Now for the Future,
Gerald V. Casale of DEVO.

NEW Devo Leisure Wear Shirt!

ALL DRESSED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO! That’s the situation in which we find ourselves during these Pandemic Times. So, with restaurants and non-essential businesses shuttered and stay-at-home advisories in place, DEVO and Middle Of Beyond decided to bring back our 1979 Leisure Wear shirt so you can comfortably look sharp for your food delivery person, plumber or Zoom call meetings. Originally conceived as disposable DEVO stage wear made of Tyvec, our re-issued design is collectible and comes to you in 100% cotton with a buttoned down collar!

Just like the original design from 42 years ago the shirt is fabricated from bolts of step & repeat print fabric composed of the same juxtaposition of images DEVO made famous. That means that no 2 shirts are exactly alike since the unique cut and sew process means the images appear in slightly different positions on each finished garment. It’s like a DEVO, one-off edition you can wash n’ wear! And, when these Covid 19 blues evaporate and DEVO comes out to play, you’ll be ready to join us in buttoned-down style!

See Devo-Obsesso reveal this new item by DEVO, Inc. in this YouTube Unboxing Video!

In stock and shipping now!
BUY NOW at MiddleOfBeyond.com!

DEVOtional 2020 7″ Vinyl Additional Pressings

Additional Pressings of DEVOtional 7″ Vinyl

Available Starting Dec. 1st!

Maybe you’re one of the lucky spuds who will receive the DEVOtional 2020 7″ vinyl single, pressed on red vinyl in a hand numbered edition of only 100, which will be sent to the first 100 people who bought tickets to our postponed DEVOtional 2020 event.

Maybe not? Don’t fret! We’re offering 2 additional versions of this single, both of which go on sale starting DEC. 1st, 2020!

Only 100 of each version pressed!


CLICK HERE for Blue Vinyl edition (w/ “DEVO” cover art) starting Dec. 1st, 2020.

Email FORMOSAPUNK@HOTMAIL.COM for Clear Vinyl edition (w/ Japanese cover art) starting on Dec. 1st, 2020.

(Pandemic related shipping restrictions to some countries from Japan)


Thanks to the companies who made these records possible:
Formosa Punk Records in Japan / Screen Arts Printing in Florida

DEVOtional Livestream Special Guests!

Check out these very special guests we have confirmed for our DEVOtional 20th Anniversary Tribute Livestream Event!

DAVID KENDRICK – Sparks, DEVO & more
FRED ARMISEN – Actor & Musician
DJ LANCE ROCK – Yo Gabba Gabba

They will be LIVE with us during our YouTube Livestream Nov. 14th, which starts at 6pm EST until at least 10pm. On the YouTube channel of Devo-Obsesso/Michael Pilmer – co-founder of the 1st DEVOtional back in 2000. FULL DETAILS HERE.

Don’t be surprised if more special guests show up last minute!

Unboxing DEVO Book 2020 Paperback!

Our official DEVO book is now available in paperback form for 2020.
See unboxing video by Devo-Obsesso!

This 2-in-1 book set was originally released with rubberized hardcover, and also in deluxe 2 book set in rubberized box, back in 2018. Those versions were pricey and sold out VERY quickly.

Now’s your chance to get the more affordable paperback version of the first book curated and written by DEVO themselves! Purchase at www.DevoBook.net!

All forms of this DEVO book published by Rocket 88 in UK.


Just in time for Halloween – Our official Booji Boy mask is again available to the public! We’re now able to offer these mass-produced factory-made masks at a lower price than the custom hand-made versions we’ve sold previously.

Assume the role of the infantile spirit of DEVO as you spread the truth about Devolution. Don’t miss out on this high quality latex mask! BUY NOW!

See Devo-Obsesso’s unboxing video of this new mask!

A product of SikRik Masks / Akron, OH.

DEVO Live 1980 LP Black Friday RSD!

Heads Up, DEVOtees: Record Store Day BLACK FRIDAY (NOV. 29th) Special Release!

In the early 1980s the “Warner Bros. Music Show” series was mailed to radio stations as promo copies, to be aired only once as a radio show. Pressings were probably a run of a few hundred copies and may have been included as part of the Rockpool service that was sent to 250 college stations. For RSD Black Friday this edition of the series’ promo has been replicated. Six songs from this recording, including an unlisted intro, were used to make the original DEV-O Live 12″ mini-album release.

SIDE A – A1 “Freedom of Choice Theme Song” A2 “Whip It” A3 “Snowball” A4 “It’s Not Right” A5 “Girl U Want” A6 “Planet Earth” A7 “S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)” A8 “Secret Agent Man” A9 “Blockhead”

SIDE B – B1 “Uncontrollable Urge” B2 “Mongoloid” B3 “Be Stiff” B4 “Gates Of Steel” B5 “Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA” B6 “Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)” B7 “Come Back Jonee”

recordstoreday.com #RSDBF

DEVOtional 2019 Event Report!

(Photo: DEVOMATIX from Atlanta, GA live at Beachland Ballroom July 27th, 2019)

The official DEVOtional 2019 Report is now online at Devo-Obsesso.com! Tons of photos, videos and stories from the weekend long gathering of DEVOtees, spuds, and beautiful mutants which was held in Ohio July 26-28.


DEVO Jumpers / Sweaters from UK

DEVO Jumpers / Sweaters from UK

New DEVO Jumpers/Sweaters by HADES in the UK. 3 styles for both men & women. Crafted by hand in Hawick, Scotland from pure fibres, and never synthetic fibres. These were just announced today and are available for sale now. HADES is even offering special reduced shipping to the US.

Full Details & Purchase Options at Hades-Shop.co.uk

DEVOtional 2019 Guests, Bands & More!

We are very pleased to announce our Special Guests for the upcoming DEVOtional 2019 weekend in Ohio happening July 26-28.

Robert “Bob 1” Mothersbaugh of Devo
David Kendrick of Devo, etc.
Delaney Jae of FUTURISMO Inc.
Rocky Schenck – Video Director & Photographer

We’ve also announced the performing bands and more highly devolved raffle prizes. OUR BIGGEST RAFFLE YET!


Register for the 5K DEVO Race, Buy tickets & Pre-Order tees now! (T-Shirt pre-orders close in June!)


New DEVO Pillows Available NOW!

Heads up, Spuds. 2 new DEVO pillows available now – featuring cover art from our albums “Freedom Of Choice” & “Duty Now For The Future“. Get ’em before they’re gone! ORDER NOW!

Buy DEVOtional 2019 Tix & Tees NOW!

As you can see, this year’s tee is De-VO to the highest degree!

In order to get this oversized graphic tee screen printed, we have to order a higher minimum quantity than we’re used to, and it’s not likely that we’ll be able to get more reprinted after the event. This is why PRE-ORDERING is SO IMPORTANT this year! If you want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE you get the size you need, ORDER NOW! If you arrive at the event and your shirt size is already sold out, there probably will not be another opportunity to purchase this limited edition event tee in the future.

Our annual DEVOtional fan gathering for 2019 (and our 3rd annual 5K DEVO Race) is set for July 26/27/28. DEVOtional dates are 26th & 27th at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH. 5K DEVO race date is July 28th in downtown Akron.


Pre-Order Smooth Noodle Maps Deluxe NOW!

Devo ’Smooth Noodle Maps’ Deluxe limited edition sets! This 2xLP release contains a die-cut sleeve, unheard tracks, remixes, huge poster, liner notes, cut-out finger spinners and the choice of three limited vinyl colours, 2xCD also available. Ultra limited sets come with a squishy Smooth Noodle Brain! PRE-ORDER NOW at store.futurismoinc.com.

Squishy Smooth Noodle Brains!

DEVO ’Smooth Noodle Maps’ Deluxe Reissue LP/CD is coming soon via
For those spuds who need that little bit extra there will be ultra limited bundles that come with a squishy Smooth Noodle Brain.
Stay tuned!

BOB2 Bobblin’ Throbblehead Figure!


Limited Edition BOB 2 Bobblin’ Throbblehead Figure

Bob Casale, one of the 5 essential gears in the original DEVO Fab 5, gets
honored posthumously with this hand-numbered, limited edition, 7″ sculpted
figure of 1,000 units. Bob is outfitted for devolved action with his “Duty
Now for the Future” era helmet and protective pads circa 1979 and his
classic DEVO Tee and 3-D glasses. This year marks legendary Devo’s 40th
anniversary release of our iconic debut record, “Are We Not Men?, We Are
DEVO!” Commemorate Bob 2 (and his famous facial mole) by stepping up and
becoming one of the few Throbblehead owning members of the Devolutionary

Pre-order now!

DEVO 1981 Interview St. Paul MN

We kicked off the New Traditionalists tour in the Fall of 1981 there in St. Paul, MN. We were experimenting with press conferences as if we were a political activist group in order to re-frame our music and visuals beyond a trivializing Rock n’ Roll press mentality. It was gratifying to hear from the fans who would show up. They understood that life under President Reagan was stultifying. Reagan and his anti-diversity and inclusion policies were empowering the barrage of attacks on basic First Amendment freedoms from the Evangelical, religious right. Reagan was evoking the fantasy of 1950’s, Mom and Apple Pie, white bread America that defied the real forces of international discord and looming environmental disaster facing all people. Once again de-evolution seemed to win out over rational thought and forward looking ideas. We did what we could to humorously fight back. We posited New Traditions to replace the stale, punishing traditions holding people down. – Jerry Casale/DEVO

Go to THIS LINK to see full video.

DEVO Documentary / 2024 Tour / The Fifty by Fifty Wine


Trust you are well.

When will the DEVO Documentary be available to view either in a theater or streaming service?

Are there any plans for a tour of the Northeastern US this Summer?

When will The Fifty-by-Fifty Wine be available at Wine Library or Total Wine in the Northeast US?

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.


DEVO Documentary / 2024 Tour / The Fifty by Fifty Wine


Trust you are well.

When will the DEVO Documentary be available to view either in a theater or streaming service?

Are there any plans for a tour of the Northeastern US this Summer?

When will The Fifty-by-Fifty Wine be available at Wine Library or Total Wine in the Northeast US?

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.


New Gerald V. Casale Super 7 ReAction Figure!

As DEVO’s co-founder, a principal songwriter, costume designer, and music video director, Gerald V. “Jerry” Casale is one of the driving forces behind the band’s unique aesthetic, and messaging! 

Inspired by DEVO’s New Traditionalists album cover and their “Through Being Cool” music video, this articulated, 3.75” scale ReAction Figure of Jerry Casale comes with a removable Action Vest and Spud Gun accessory. 

DEVO fans will no doubt view this Jerry Casale ReAction Figure as the super thing to add to their collection!

– Inspired by DEVO’s New Traditionalists album cover art and their “Through Being Cool” music video

– Figure is 3.75” scale with five points of articulation

– Includes Action Vest and Spud Gun accessories

– The perfect gift for any DEVO fan, collect the entire lineup of musical legend ReAction Figures by Super7!

Purchase at here.

NEW VIDEO: Devo-Obsesso reveals the new DEVO x Super7 ReAction Figure. BONUS: Learn how to EXPERTLY open your action figure packaging!

Watch here.


Enter for a chance to win 2 Tickets to see Devo LIVE at The Marquis in Park City, Utah on January 22nd! Enter with the link in bio and be sure to come back daily for more chances to win. The lucky winner will be announced on January 18th. Good luck, SPUDS!

Enter the giveaway here.


JUST ANNOUNCED: DEVO Premiere and Performance During SUNDANCE 2024

On January 21st, the first-ever fully authorized film about the band will be screening at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival! Directed by Chris Smith, Devo will explore the group’s formation in the wake of the Kent State massacre, Devo’s years as outsiders in the music scene, their breakout moment with “Whip It,” and the faithful fandom they’ve maintained.

Following the Devo Sundance Film Festival screening, Devo is set to celebrate their new film and 50 Years of De-Evolution with a LIVE performance at The Marquis on Monday, January 22nd!

Purchase tickets here.


Aratashii Gakko!

Would like to hear your thoughts regarding this new group from Japan.
I have been looking at their videos and have done a little research.
It appears, to me, that they have an attitude towards the absurdity/banality of life in our “modern” world similar to that of DEVO. Watching their video of “Tokyo Calling” I can see many parallels with DEVO, from the unnatural movements of their choreography to their uniforms and helmets. Could they be the ones to carry the message (and warning) about De-Evolution into the future? To a different generation, culture and gender? Do they deserve our support, or scorn?

Aratashii Gakko!

Would like to hear your thoughts regarding this new group from Japan.
I have been looking at their videos and have done a little research.
It appears, to me, that they have an attitude towards the absurdity/banality of life in our “modern” world similar to that of DEVO. Watching their video of “Tokyo Calling” I can see many parallels with DEVO, from the unnatural movements of their choreography to their uniforms and helmets. Could they be the ones to carry the message (and warning) about De-Evolution into the future? To a different generation, culture and gender? Do they deserve our support, or scorn?

Punk Rock Bowling Festival

There’s only one festival on earth where you can indulge in buffets, bowling, gambling, comedy, pool parties, and punk rock shows, and that’s the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival! The festival is based in Las Vegas, NV, and was founded in 1999. The first iteration was held on Presidents Day weekend in 1999, when only 27 teams bowled (we now host up to 200 teams!) The event has grown throughout its 22-year career and has expanded to a 2-stage 3 day outdoor music festival with late-night club shows throughout the downtown area featuring over 100 bands. Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival has become an annual gathering of the punk rock “tribes,” to celebrate the music and ideas that have transformed our community over the years.

Join DEVO at the best punk rock party of the year! 

Purchase tickets here.


Linear toggled

Having been born in 1982 I was deprived of most opportunities to witness “DEVO” fry spud minds live. Why must time be so caustically linear? Has DEVO considered encircling our collective duration of existence so that I, lonely hashed, may enjoy the de-evolution with my own many eyes?


Get ready, SPUDS – the ultimate Black Friday extravaganza is here! From now until November 27th, dive into discounts of 30% to a whopping 50% on select items. Elevate your Devo collection with new De-Evolution gear at unbeatable prices!

Shop here.



Gerald V. Casale. 10 years ago, on a Reddit AMA, somebody asked you how big your “super thing” was. You never gave a concise answer. This keeps me up at night. I can’t sleep. I need to know. WE need to know. Please and thank you.
Regards, Clarke R Withers

I just got a wrinkled poster

Last night our family went to see your show in Paso Robles.

I bought a poster and the gold poster tube. When I got home and opened it up I found the poster tube had wrinkled and creased the silver parts.

Would it be possible to return this for a replacement that is intact so we can frame and hang this in the office?

I’ll pay for shipping both ways, this is really important to us.

Thank you Devo

I just got a wrinkled poster

Last night our family went to see your show in Paso Robles.

I bought a poster and the gold poster tube. When I got home and opened it up I found the poster tube had wrinkled and creased the silver parts.

Would it be possible to return this for a replacement that is intact so we can frame and hang this in the office?

I’ll pay for shipping both ways, this is really important to us.

Thank you Devo

Talk Shop Live: 50 Years of De-Evolution SIGNED

With their latest release of ’50 Years of De-Evolution (1973-2023),’ DEVO makes an appearance on Talk Shop Live for a LIVE interview on October 27th at 8:00PM EDT. Purchase a signed CD now!

Tune into Talk Shop Live here.


50 Years of De-Evolution OUT NOW (1973-2023)

50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION (1973-2023) is available in various configurations today, October 20. 

The first is a 4-LP set pressed on clear vinyl that’s limited to 3,000 copies worldwide, available exclusively from Rhino.com

This deluxe version comes in a slipcase with a 28-page book, a Devo air freshener, and a foldable paper hat that resembles the band’s iconic red energy domes. Additionally, a lithograph of the album artwork is included, with 150 of these lithographs being signed by the band and randomly inserted into sets. 

2-CD version of the 50-song collection is also available to order. 

A 25-song version of 50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION (1973-2023) is available as a 2-LP set on black vinyl, and a 2-LP special edition featuring blue and red vinyl can be purchased exclusively at retail.  

“In the past this information has been suppressed. But now it can be told. Come celebrate 50 years of De-evolution with a mind-blowing, 50th Anniversary box set from Devo.” states Gerald Casale.

Mark Mothersbaugh adds “this box set represents a great cross section of early experiments and later creations. I was looking to create a new sound, a concept in art and music that represented a new way of thinking about life on planet earth. With Devo, I think we did just that. Farewell to the first 50, Let’s get the next 50 started!”

50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION (1973-2023) stands as a testament to the band’s legacy, compiling key tracks from all nine of Devo’s studio albums, as well as rarities like the 1974 demo for “I’m A Potato” and single mixes for “Come Back Jonee,” “Snowball,” and “What We Do.”  

Stream and order here.